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What is HBC (Hamanako Bible Camp)?

Our Values

Camping philosophy

 Hamanako Bible Camp was established by SAMJ (* 1) and Japan Alliance Christ Church Tokai Block (* 2). The mission of Hamanako Bible Camp is to strive to save and nurture people through the nourishment of the Word and the communal life with Christ in mind in the environment of grace given by God (nature, region, equipment). By creating devotees, we serve the world-wide church and glorify God.

* 1 SAMJ: Abbreviation for "Swedish Christian Alliance Missionaries in Japan". The name was changed in 2003, and the abbreviation of "Swedish Alliance Christian Group" is SACM. A religious corporation that includes Life Words Company, Karuizawa Megumi Chalet, etc.
* 2 Tokai Block: Due to the structural reform of the Japan Alliance Christ Church, it is now the Tokai West Mission and the Tokai East Mission.


Our Pillars

7 pillars

Hamanako Bible Camp (HBC) has the following seven pillars based on its philosophy.

1. 1. Gospel salvation

HBC works to help people know, accept and obey Jesus Christ as a savior, centered on the preaching of the Word, witnessing, and through physical education and outdoor activities.

2. 2. Spiritual growth

HBC is for people to grow in worship, praise, learning and practice of the Word, devotion, prayer, life filled with the Holy Spirit, ministry and witness in the rich natural environment of God's work. ..

3. 3. Training of ministers

HBC strives to foster Christians used in churches and camps by providing opportunities for various services and their learning and training.

4. Create a devoted person to the ministry

HBC creates those who devote themselves to the missions of Japan and the world through the challenge of missions.

5. Fellowship in Christ

HBC is to provide a physically and mentally safe communal life under Christian leaders and to allow people to experience the joy of fellowship in a Christ-centered life.

6. Serve the church

HBC serves the Japan Alliance Christ Church and other Christian churches with the provision of activities, environments and facilities to help with missions and church formation.

7. Glorify God

All HBC activities and rich natural environments and facilities are to glorify God.

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