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Usage guide and terms

Campsite usage fee

HBC has set a price that allows you to use the campsite at a reasonable price as well as the sponsored camp. In addition, PA equipment, grand piano, projector, etc. are also available. Please feel free to contact us.

・ General user fee

If you are a preschooler or younger and do not use food or bedding

Please pay only for the sheets.

・ Facility usage fee

When a general group or church uses it for a day trip

A chapel with full audio equipment, a dining room overlooking the Kosai mountain range and the cityscape of Chibata, accommodations reminiscent of the Swedish school days, and a campsite that has been loved by many people all over the country in its 50-year history .

To everyone who uses the campsite

● When applying for an accommodation contract at this campsite, please inform the campsite of the following matters.

・ Name, address, contact phone number, e-mail address and organization name of the representative to stay

・ Accommodation date, number of nights, number of people, gender, age category (see price list category) and estimated time of arrival

・ Other matters that the campsite deems necessary


● Room availability (check-in, check-out)

・ Guests can use the guest rooms from 3:00 pm to 10:00 the next morning. However, if you stay consecutive nights

・ It can be used all day except the arrival date and departure date.

● Matters to be observed

  • Please do not bring anything that may be a nuisance to customers, dogs, cats, other animals, ignitable or flammable items, foul-smelling items, or items prohibited by other laws and regulations. However, this does not apply to assistance dogs.
  • Please do not make high-pitched voices, singing songs, noisy acts, or words and actions that may disturb other customers.
  • Please do not significantly change the current status of facilities and equipment in the venue, or use it for any other purpose.
  • Please cooperate in saving electricity and water in order to use energy carefully.
  • Since this campsite is a facility for training Christian youth, drinking and smoking are prohibited in the campsite.
  • Changes to this price list and terms of use will come into effect with the approval of the Japan Alliance Christ Church Board of Directors.
    Enforcement date January 1, 2010
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