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Here are some activities that you can enjoy inside and outside the Hamanako Bible Campground. There are other fascinating activities besides those listed here.

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As the name of the campsite suggests, at nearby Lake Hamana, Lake Inohana, and Matsumigaura

You can enjoy water sports.



The mini ground of the campsite

Received from Jubilo Iwata Stadium

Natural grass is laid. It is also an iron plate program for each camp

Monthly Hamana Lake monkeys, etc.

Soccer on a regular basis? Futsal?

I'm doing it!


Standup Paddling

SUP is rising in popularity

So that you can enjoy it on HBC

The environment is being improved.

Road / Mountain Biking

Road bikes around Lake Hamana

You can enjoy mountain biking.


Including the Kosai mountain range

There are plenty of hiking trails!



Around Lake Hamana

Horse mackerel, sardines, gobies and kisses

Medina, black sea bream, etc.

You can enjoy fishing in each season

Sometimes eels too. .. ..

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